05 April 2009
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Εισηγήτρια - Eva Johansson
Εισηγήτρια - Jan-Erik Johansson
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Περιλήψεις Εισηγήσεων Συνεδρίου

Dr. Sylvie Rayna
INRP-University Paris 13

«Training and professional development in ECEC: challenges and perspectives»

   Giving more attention to the children under 3 and removing the split between child care and early education is nowadays considered as one the more important challenge for the coming years (Bennett, 2008). This contribution will present the different reasons (child development, poverty issue, efficency of the ECEC policies), based on recent research, for developping access and quality for our youngest. It will then propose some perspectives for ‘good’ policies and practices in early education and training from a range of examples which are internationally recognised. Within a framework combining current scientific knowledge and children rights perpectives, it will conclude on promoting mutual learning, following a recent proposition of Children in Europe.

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