05 April 2009
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Εισηγήτρια - Ευγενία Κουτσουβάνου
Εισηγήτρια - Κατερίνα Μανιαδάκη
Εισηγητής - Κάκουρος Ευθύμιος
Εισηγήτρια - Dr. Sylvie Rayna
Εισηγητής - Δρ Χρήστος Θεοφιλίδης
Εισηγήτρια - Ελένη Λοίζου
Εισηγητής - Κώστας Χρυσαφίδης
Εισηγήτρια - Σταυρούλα Τσιπλάκου
Εισηγήτρια - Eva Johansson
Εισηγήτρια - Jan-Erik Johansson
Εισηγήτρια - Μαρία Κυνηγού-Φλάμπουρα
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Περιλήψεις Εισηγήσεων Συνεδρίου

Eva Johansson
Professor University of Stavanger, Norway and University of Gothenburg,Sweden

«Moral discoveries and learning in preschool»

   Preschool is an influential meeting place for children’s moral development. In this presentation issues of importance for children’s moral learning in preschool will be discussed. What aspects are essential in children’s moral discoveries and how can teachers encourage children’s moral learning? The discussion is based on several studies of morality in everyday interactions in Swedish preschools.

   The aim has been to study young children’s lived experiences of values and norms concerning treatment of and behaviour towards each other in everyday life in the context of preschool.

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